Woo your customers: Web Design Tips for E-Commerce Web Pages

E-Commerce is online retail that encompasses a global market. In order for a business to succeed online, it must have several components that can incorporate business practices along with today’s digital technology. A web page is the new “salesman” in today’s world, where the page is expected to greet the customers, help them find what they need, charm them and then sell the product. There are many differing opinions about what makes the best web page, but most experts agree that there are some basic principles in economics, design and programming that are all effective.

Design Tips for E-Commerce Web page may include the following:

1.    Easy navigation. It is important for business website to promote shopping, and in order to do so, it needs to be as easy as possible for the customer to find what they want easily without having to jump through too many website applications or from page to page. Keep it as simple as possible for this function, or the shopper may go elsewhere.

2.    Provide easy to understand customer support techniques. Again, think like a shopper, and imagine that there is a question or a problem. Would it be easy to find how to get help with this issue? Is there a FAQ section, a “Most Asked Questions” section, or a customer service phone number or email address? If not, these need to be added in a highly prominent area.

3.    Highly visible costs and prices for the items, as well as shipping. Nothing enrages a customer more than having “hidden” fees attached to their merchandise. While the business may not feel that these fees are “hidden”, if the customer did not see them at the time of check-out, this could lead to a great deal of customer satisfaction. Get all of the costs out in the open and make that information impossible for the customer to miss; this may significantly cut down on customer service issues later.

4.    Product description needs to be put in the form of a brief, yet succinct description with the product, and then have a much more thorough and lengthy description available if the customer chooses to click on the item. This will allow the customer to scan the important and initial information about the product, yet do a much more in-depth study later if they wish.

5.    Well matched search engine provider. A business may need to make sure that their customers have access to the imbedded “search” function within the webpage itself, and in order to provide a quick and easy search, it is crucial to have a very well maintained search engine to speed that along.

6.    Keep advertising to a minimum if possible. Too much advertisement can draw attention away from the product on the main web page. It can be a distraction to the point that the customer is actually driven away from shopping with the E-Commerce business.

7.    Stay up-to-date. Choose a professional web design company that can provide long-term maintenance and follow design and programming trends that will allow a business web page to stay on top.