Template vs Design Package?

So a frequent question we are asked by our customers is that whether a Template or Design Package is the right fit for them. So here are the some of the considerations to evaluate before you decide.

Courtesy to Jason Brewer http://brolik.com for writing a very comprehensive article on this issue. We made several changes as we deem necessary.

Other than budget, how do I know if a custom website is right for me?

You have strict expectations for brand presentation
You require a good deal of customization on both the front end and back end / CMS
You don’t want to deal with templates or the restrictions they impose
Your goal is a truly unique experience
Your project requires advanced functionality (ecommerce, lead databasing, customer portal, etc.)
You require specific backend integration(s)
You’re building a web portal or web-based application
You want the ability to truly own the website and move it or manipulate it in the future
You have some development or IT support in-house
You’re willing to pay for attention and support
You’re willing to spend the extra time to get it right

When would a template website solution be a better fit?

You have a limited budget
You want to move quickly
You need something simple, like a brochure site or a blog site
You are willing to give up some flexibility
You don’t have any in house IT or development support
You understand there may be limitations as you grow and that doesn’t bother you
Customization is not a big focus

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