Which programming language should you learn?

Source e27.co

Want to be the next Airbnb? Ruby may be the best bet. Maybe you want to catch the eye of those Alphabet investors? C++ may be the way to go

By Kevin McSpadden 21 Jan, 2016

If a Founder wants to start an e-commerce company to deliver wine in bulk, learning a little Italian or French will go a long way towards improving the product. The same applies to programming.

A wine company like this might want a beautiful front page to build a welcoming website, making Java a good choice.

But Java probably isn’t powerful enough for a deep-tech company and it might be wise to choose another language.

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Whether the Founder wants to learn the language, or just needs help deciding what skill set to hire, this nifty infographic from MakeAWebsiteHub.com breaks downs the pros and cons of major programming languages and offers advice about which is the best fit for a given industry.

Infographic Courtesy of Makeawebsitehub.com

Image Credit: Tirza van Dijk via Unsplash