Hiring Tech Talents In Vietnam: What Do You Need To Know? - TalentsAll's CEO | #From1to100 Ep2 - Inspius | Hire & Manage Remote Tech Talent In Vietnam For Singapore Firms
Hiring tech talents in Vietnam: What do you need to know? – TalentsAll’s CEO | #From1to100 Ep2
5 Jul 2024

Welcome to "From 1 to 100" - a podcast series tailored to owners of small and medium enterprises and tech start-ups, featuring practical and specific lessons to help their businesses reach the next level. Discussion topics range from building better tech teams to practical applications of AI in business and overcoming business challenges.

In this episode, "Hiring Tech Talents in Vietnam," we are thrilled to welcome our special guest, Trang Dam (Tanie), CEO & Co-Founder of TalentsAll. Trang will provide insights into the current tech hiring landscape in Vietnam and discuss the strategic advantages that Vietnam offers to Singaporean and US companies seeking tech talent.

Join our host, Khanh Le, as they delve into the most effective strategies and channels for a successful recruitment campaign in Vietnam, helping you find the best tech team!


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A special thanks to TalentsAll for partnering with us on this episode!

TalentsAll is known as a mission-driven force dedicated to revolutionizing the HR landscape. From recruitment and headhunting services to HR training, recruitment marketing, employer branding, and HR consulting, TalentsAll ensures that no talent goes unnoticed. Their mission is to bring together diverse talents from across the globe and empower organizations to harness their full potential.

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