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Commercialising AI – CEO & Founder of QuickDesk & | #From1to100 Ep3
5 Jul 2024

Welcome to "From 1 to 100" - a podcast series tailored to owners of small and medium enterprises and tech start-ups, featuring practical and specific lessons to help their businesses reach the next level. Discussion topics range from building better tech teams to practical applications of AI in business and overcoming business challenges.

In this episode, "Commercialising AI," we are excited to welcome our special guest, Charmain Tan - CEO & Founder of QuickDesk & Charmain has successfully founded several companies, spanning from textile production to a SaaS, and now an AI start-up. She will share her unique insights into the current AI wave, evolving customer perceptions of AI products, and the differences in selling, marketing, and fundraising for AI ventures compared to other industries.

Join our host, Khanh Le, as they delve into the most important business lessons that our guest speaker has learned throughout her entrepreneurial journey.


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A special thanks to QuickDesk & for collaborating with us on this episode!

About QuickDesk:

Established in 2014, QuickDesk is on a mission to empower businesses through the seamless integration of technology and education to boost sales. Their journey began with the development of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, assisting sales professionals in achieving more with fewer resources. Recognizing the pivotal role of leads in the sales process, they expanded their focus to generating high-quality prospects for clients in 2018.

With sustainability and growth in mind, they consolidated their extensive experience, shifting their focus to education programs. QuickDesk offerings, including Professional Conversion Programs for Digital Sales Executives, Social Media Marketing, and Customer Engagement with AI, enable professionals and individuals to digitize their sales processes while upholding ethical values. As a registered Training Provider in SkillsFuture SG Singapore, QuickDesk offer subsidized learning opportunities, subject to terms and conditions.

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About provide businesses with a unified platform to handle their communications with customers and also assists them in automating their conversation to achieve higher conversion rates through the use of AI-Powered Chatbot and Automation.

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