Top 5 Best Countries to Hire Python Developers: Your Ultimate Guide

Hire Python developers: Python – a favoured programming language

Python, highlighted in JetBrains‘ “The State of Developer Ecosystem 2022”, has significantly fortified its standing within the programming language landscape. Emerging as the second most popular primary programming language, Python has not only surpassed Java but has also narrowed the gap with JavaScript in terms of usage.

Primary used programming languages, reported by JetBrains*

*This report has been created based on the responses of 29,269 developers from around the world who participated in JetBrains’ study in May–July 2022.

Hire Python developers: Top countries for hiring remote Python developers

So, what are the top alternatives for hiring high-quality Python developers?

Hire Python developers: Brazil

  • Quantity:

As of September 2021, the Brazilian IT market boasted approximately 1.2 million employees, reflecting a robust sector in the country. A notable majority, around 630,000 professionals, were engaged in the IT service sector, while a comparatively smaller workforce of 133,000 was dedicated to the software market. This distribution underscores the prevalence of IT services in the Brazilian tech landscape. Interestingly, Brazil stands out with a commendable low turnover rate of 20%, compared to India’s 40%. Delving into the realm of technological expertise, Brazil boasts a substantial cohort of 13,000 Python developers, a noteworthy presence in comparison to other tech stacks. 

Brazil is quite fond of Python. In 2022, Bloomberg Brazil reported the certification of 50 women in Python, accentuating the language’s significance not only in financial sectors but also within the broader Brazilian tech community. This certification initiative signals a growing emphasis on skill diversification and inclusivity in the tech workforce, positioning Python as a central player in Brazil’s evolving technological narrative. 

  • Quality:

Brazil is emerging as a hotbed for tech talent, drawing the attention of recruiters on the lookout for seasoned developers. According to the Coursera Global Skill Index 2022, Brazil claims the second spot in Latin America’s tech prowess and an impressive 63rd worldwide, showcasing the nation’s growing influence in the global tech landscape.

Python, a versatile programming language, finds a comfortable home among Brazil’s tech enthusiasts, especially in the realms of website and software development. The report further illuminates that Brazilian developers are at the forefront of mobile application development and boast expertise in the intricate domains of UX/UI design. Beyond these focal points, the skill set of Brazil’s software developers extends comprehensively. They demonstrate adeptness in cutting-edge technologies such as AI development, Big Data analytics, cloud services, Blockchain, and IoT development. 

  • Cost-effectiveness: 

According to Glassdoor, the average estimated monthly salary for a Python Developer in Brazil is reported at US$1,105. This figure underscores the economic efficiency that comes with tapping into Brazil’s pool of skilled Python developers. When juxtaposed with the United States, where the cost of hiring a Python developer stands significantly higher at about US$10,089 per month, the allure of Brazil’s talent pool becomes evident. 

Hire Python developers: Mexico

  • Quantity

Mexico is setting the stage for a tech revolution in Latin America, and the numbers tell a compelling story. A whopping 25% of Mexican university grads are diving headfirst into the exciting world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Imagine one in four graduates walking out with a toolkit of tech skills ready to shake things up.

But it doesn’t stop there. Over 130,000 of these graduates annually are donning their cap and gown with degrees in computer science or related fields. That’s a powerhouse of talent, and Mexico isn’t just keeping it to themselves – the country is working to fill the demand for technological solutions at home and abroad. 

  • Quality:

According to the CodersLink 2023 survey, Python is standing tall among the heavyweights, securing its place in the top 10 programming languages alongside Java, JavaScript, and SQL. 
But that’s not all – Mexico’s tech prowess extends beyond just programming languages. The Coursera Global Skills Report 2021 shines a spotlight on Mexico’s exceptional rankings across various domains. Cloud computing and web development emerge as top-notch areas of expertise. In the 2022 Pentalog report, Mexico takes the gold for the world’s best developers. Mexican engineers further solidify their dominance by claiming the top spot worldwide in C/C++ and Python programming. This trifecta of achievements underscores Mexico’s ascent as a global tech hub, where innovation and expertise converge to shape the future of technology.

  • Cost-effectiveness:

Hiring a Python developer in Mexico costs an average of US$1,250 per month, making offshore hiring from Mexico nearly 7 times more cost-effective than hiring from other countries like the US.  

However, prices vary by city; hiring from Mexico City can be notably cheaper than from Guadalajara. This cost advantage positions Mexico as an attractive destination for businesses seeking skilled developers while optimising budget allocations.

Hire Python developers: Romania

  • Quantity:

Romania’s academic landscape is a rich source of talent, boasting a total of 57 universities, with six making it to the top 100 in the EECA University Rankings 2020. This educational prowess translates into a robust pool of highly-skilled professionals, particularly in engineering and software development. In fact, nearly 20% of all Romanian graduates have a background in engineering, reflecting the country’s emphasis on technical education. The country is estimated to have 24,000 Python developers. 

  • Quality

Romanian developers stand out on the global stage, showcasing exceptional skills across a diverse range of tech stacks, including JavaScript, Python, C++, C#, and Ruby on Rails. Their proficiency is underscored by their impressive ranking of 18th globally, according to TopCoder’s assessment of countries with the best programmers.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Hiring Romanian developers proves to be several times more affordable compared to other countries in the region, providing services of equivalent quality at a lower cost. In the Romania area, the highest estimated total pay for a Python Developer is approximately US$3,475 per month, with an average salary of US$2,225 per month. This favourable cost structure positions Romania as a strategic choice for businesses seeking high-quality software development solutions while optimising their budget allocations.

Hire Python developers: Vietnam

  • Quantity

As of 2023, Vietnam boasts a substantial and growing community of software engineers, totaling around 530,000 professionals. The Vietnam Tech Talents Report indicates a commendable consistency in annual enrollment, with approximately 50,000 to 57,000 students choosing computer science and IT-related majors. These aspiring tech talents are honing their skills at some of Vietnam’s top universities, contributing to the country’s vibrant and expanding pool of software engineering professionals. This steadfast commitment to education and skill development positions Vietnam as a significant player in the global technology landscape.

  • Quality:

Vietnam has swiftly become a go-to destination for customers in need of app development services, with its developers securing the second position in the Asia Pacific and 22nd globally for their impressive technological skills, with data from Global Skills Index 2020 report. According to the TopDev 2023 Report, Python maintains its stronghold as one of the top 10 most preferred programming languages among Vietnamese developers.

In a strategic move in 2022, the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) in Vietnam orchestrated a significant overhaul of the information technology curriculum. As part of this initiative, high schools were advised to replace lessons in the Pascal programming language with the more contemporary and widely embraced Python language. This forward-thinking transition not only aligns education with industry demands but also led to the development of a complementary online Python programming language training program. Spearheaded by the RMIT Vietnam Centre of Digital Excellence (CODE), this program contributes to equipping the next generation of Vietnamese talent with the skills demanded by the evolving tech landscape.

  • Cost-effectiveness:

The cost of hiring app developers in Vietnam is approximately lower by 60% when compared with Singapore. Starting from $1,500, you can find a junior software developer in Vietnam who can communicate well in English. For roles that don’t require proficient  English speaking, you can save 20% more with non-English speaking hires in the country. 

Average salary of junior (1 – 3 YOE) software developers in the largest IT Hubs in Vietnam, according to Glassdoor. 

Hire Python developers: Things to consider

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