Hiring software engineers in Vietnam – Our best articles of 2023

Hiring software engineers in Vietnam - Our best articles of 2023

As we reflect on the past year, it’s clear that 2023 was a period of significant change and adaptation in the business world. We’ve gathered our most impactful articles to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the year’s key trends and solutions from the angle of tech start-ups building software engineering teams in Vietnam. Here’s what we’ve uncovered:

AI for small and medium tech start-ups: a how-to guide

97% of business leaders are convinced that AI is now a must-have tool;  and industry giants are slowly integrating AI into their core functions. But what’s the outlook for SME and start-up businesses? Good news is, businesses don’t have to call AI a “luxury” anymore – as our detailed guide walks through the essential AI tools available, and how they can help developers, recruiters and leaders work more efficiently. You can read the full article here: https://inspius.com/insights/ai-for-small-and-medium-tech-start-ups-a-how-to-guide/

  • And also, don’t miss out on our Vietnam AI talent report 2023 here.

An in-depth analysis into the top 5 destinations for hiring offshore developers

Companies can now expect to spend $7,500–$28,000 in hard costs to find and onboard a new employee, and that’s not even the full cost. Global businesses are now shifting to  the new alternative – hiring offshore. Opting for offshore development is the key to tapping into a high-quality global talent pool, while staying economically viable, breaking free from the constraints of local hiring challenges.

In this article, we review the top 5 popular destinations for building offshore tech teams: Poland, Ukraine, Philippines, India, and Vietnam – which of these rising tech hubs will be your next destination? https://inspius.com/insights/an-in-depth-comparison-of-the-top-5-countries-for-hiring-dedicated-remote-software-engineers-poland-ukraine-philippines-india-and-vietnam/

Local Talents: The top 10 universities in Vietnam for Computer Science and IT-related majors

In 2023, the total number of software engineers in Vietnam is north of  530,000, not to mention a consistent annual enrollment of approximately 50,000 to 57,000 students in computer science and IT-related majors. Top universities are always fertile grounds for talents. In this article, we shortlisted the top universities in Vietnam for computer science graduates.

Look out for these universities in your next hunt: https://inspius.com/insights/top-vietnams-universities-in-computer-science-and-it-related-majors-2024-centers-of-excellence-for-future-software-engineering-leaders/

Mobile Developers in Vietnam: Key Insights You Need to Know

According to data from the Vietnam Tech Talent Report, Vietnam mobile developers’ strength lie in both Android and iOS platforms: 49,30% developers choose Java as their primary, followed by Swift at 19.70%. Not to mention, Vietnamese developers’ technology skills are ranked 2nd in Asia Pacific and 22nd globally. If you are looking to hire mobile developers, you shouldn’t miss this in-depth article which covers key skills, education backgrounds, English levels and salaries of talents in Vietnam: https://inspius.com/insights/infographic-mobile-developers-in-vietnam-key-insights-you-need-to-know/

India versus Vietnam – Where to find the best team of blockchain developers?

With the recent blockbusting Bitcoin ETF registrations, the hypes in blockchain and cryptocurrency are back. Companies, especially firms in the US, are exploring plans to strengthen their blockchain technology – with India and Vietnam emerging as the most cost-effective options, while still offering a vast pool of skilled talents. This article will guide you through a complete comparison, helping you find the right match to build a skilled blockchain developers team: https://inspius.com/insights/india-vs-vietnam-finding-the-best-blockchain-developers/

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