Top 10 best-funded tech startups in Singapore: Where do they hire software engineers?

Why hire Remote software engineers in Vietnam

Talent shortage and high wages have been challenging for Singapore-based tech startups recently. As a result, Singapore business owners have expanded their hiring destinations into other countries.

This article reveals the most popular countries for hiring software engineers of the top 10 best-funded Singapore tech startups. Where are their software engineers located? Let’s figure it out!

Where do the top 10 best-funded Singapore tech startups hire software engineers?

Where do these top 10 best-funded startups in Singapore hire software engineers?
Where do these top best-funded Singapore tech startups hire software engineers?

Apart from local candidates, software engineers in Vietnam have played vital parts in Singapore tech startups’ tech teams, followed by ones in Indonesia and Thailand.

Particularly, while Singapore fintech startups have recruited software engineers overseas only in Vietnam besides hiring locally, other Singapore tech giants in commercial (Lazada, Sea group, Zalora) and transportation fields (Ninja van, Grab) are favorable to hiring software engineers in various countries.

Where to hire software engineers for your tech startup?

Having a diverse tech team working from various countries has proved to bring productivity and financial benefits for Singapore tech startups.

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