Hire software engineers in Vietnam: How much does the company reputation matter in your recruitment?

Hire software engineers in Vietnam: How much does the company reputation matter in your recruitment?

The idea has emerged that the key to winning the tech talent war through recruitment is to emphasize the company’s reputation. Organizations with strong positive reputations are perceived as providing more value in their products and services. Also, it helps the company present itself as a good employer in the market and stands out to job seekers.

However, how much does reputation really help in your tech talent hunt, particularly in Vietnam? Do software engineers in the country pay more attention to the company’s reputation than other indicators such as salary, company culture, and career advancement? And how much does it affect their decision to apply for your openings?

Over 500 software engineers in Vietnam were asked to rank factors that foster them to apply for a job. Here are their answers.

Company reputation isn’t as important as other factors in their choice of potential employers

Software engineers in Vietnam don’t give much importance to the company’s reputation to which they submit their applicants. Specifically, only 9% of candidates rated company employer brand as the most attractive reason to them. The top 3 most attractive factors selected by surveyed software engineers in Vietnam are attractive salary and benefits, flexible working conditions in space and time, and innovative workplace.

What software engineers in Vietnam really care about your company

An Indeed survey has pointed out that if job seekers were considering a new job opportunity, 95% said insight into a company’s reputation would be important. If your business has a bad reputation on the internet, it can be a red flag that prevents good applications from coming to you.

How good your products are perceived in the market is good but not exactly what convinces them directly to join your software development team. According to the same survey, they most wanted to know the stability of your company (43%). They want to know your business will be around for a while before committing to working for you.

What matters to software engineers in Vietnam in their choice of the potential employer
What matters to software engineers in Vietnam in their choice of the potential employer

As we asked software engineers in Vietnam, the salary and benefits were important to 72% of our survey respondents. Flexibility is also an important part of this equation. Especially nearly half of the software engineers in Vietnam taking the survey expect the company to provide flex options if they bring their talents to the team.

Like any other profession, software engineers in Vietnam don’t want to feel like they will be stuck forever in the position they are applying for. 25% said they’d like to apply to a company that provides them with career development plans.

Do these things and you’ll see more applicants from software engineers in Vietnam

You know what they want to know about your company. Now it’s time to offer them just that.

Make your JDs work like a headhunter for you: You didn’t hear wrong. Your JDs are more than just a copy of bullet points and text. To attract skilled software engineers in Vietnam, start with being transparent about your salary packages and perks.

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Also, provide honest information about working in your team so potential applicants know if they’ll be a good fit. You can do this by giving them a further clue about your culture, such as showcasing behind-the-scenes insights into the team’s life on your website and other social media.

Our Tiktok has been used to introduce our culture and jobs more vividly to software engineers in Vietnam

Have a career advancement for your new hires? Don’t forget to emphasize this growth potential in your online story and your entire hiring process.

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We hope these suggestions will help you find software engineers in Vietnam who fit your business and are committed to working for you in the long run.

Happy hiring!

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