3 recruiting strategies from Singapore tech unicorns to hire tech talent amid Covid-19 pandemic

Singapore tech unicorns hire tech talent amid Covid-19 pandemic

Regardless of the Covid-19 pandemic, these Singapore tech unicorns have successfully onboard a number of software engineers for their tech teams. What are their recruiting secrets? Today’s article will break down the 3 hiring strategies to hire tech talent that also work on small-and-medium-sized companies. Now, let’s dig in.

Hire overseas

The bigger the talent pool you reach, the better talent you’ll find.

Sea Group, Lazada, Grab, and other tech unicorns are some of Singapore’s brands that don’t rely only on traditional methods to hire software engineers. Instead, they proactively expand their talent hub into the region such as Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia, etc.

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Percentage of Singapore tech giants’ software engineers based overseas

Invest in employer images

Employer brand is vital:

  • 86% of employees and job seekers research company reviews and ratings to decide on where to apply for a job.
  • 68% of Millennials, 54% of Gen-Xers, and 48% of Boomers indicated they visit an employer’s social media properties specifically to evaluate the employer’s brand.
  • 92% of people would consider changing jobs if offered a role with a company with an excellent corporate reputation.

A strong employer brand can reduce the cost per hire by as much as 50%. What can you do to strengthen a recruitment brand with a small budget?

  • Utilize the company’s website to give candidates insights into what they can expect when working for you.
  • Let candidates know in the JD what unique benefits only you can offer. Attractive rate is a strong point, but clear growth opportunities, a great office to work in, and a deep sense of belonging are also equally great ones.
A strong employer brand impacts whether qualified candidates will decide to join your tech team – or accept a competitor’s offer instead

In-house Tech recruitment teams

Big brands like Sea group or Grab usually have definite needs and budgets to have their own tech recruitment teams. They even get their marketing teams to work closely with their recruiters on every hiring campaign.

However, paying an in-house recruiter SGD4,000 per month for smaller companies may be too much. Find a hiring partner is a better alternative for them if:

  • The role needs to be filled quickly and you don’t have time to source, screen and interview multiple candidates.
  • It’s a difficult-to-fill tech role and needs a recruiter with a deep understanding of it.

Your next step

Now, you can start determining where to hire quality software engineers overseas and working on employer brands in the meantime.

Or easier, find an experienced tech recruitment partner so that they will help you hire tech talent with speed and efficiency.

Good luck with your tech hiring!

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