Singapore companies: Their Top 3 concerns about hiring remote software engineers in Vietnam

Keen to hire remote software engineers in Vietnam yet still hesitate? You’re not alone.

A lack of required skills has emerged as the most pressing tech talent acquisition challenge for recruiters in Singapore. Thereby, many business leaders are looking to build a hybrid team consisting of local tech talent and remote ones. And Vietnam has become one of their favorite destinations for talent expansion, considering its quality IT workforce.

Still, there are some worries regarding this new hiring approach. As we talked with leaders of companies in Singapore, regardless of companies’ sizes, many shared the same concerns about tapping into Vietnam’s tech talent market. Here are the most common reasons which make them worry:

“It’s the language barrier.”

Vietnamese software engineers, in general, face more significant challenges in speaking English than their counterparts in India and the Philippines. It is, however, still feasible to hire remote software engineers in Vietnam who are competent in both coding and English as long as you know how to attract the right candidates.

According to a Vietnam IT survey in 2021, roughly 75% of participated software developers are in intermediate levels or higher. To add more, Vietnam has been recognized as an exceptional country for software outsourcing as the population has a high level of scientific and technical literacy. The local labor force, thereby, has hands-on experience working on large-scale projects with foreign colleagues.

“Not sure if they are culture fits.”

Software engineers in Vietnam genuinely love and appreciate what they do – and this passion continues to extend. 45,201 IT workers in the country were asked on a survey what attract them to choose their careers as software engineers:

  • 75% said “Passion for technology, programming & computer”
  • 63% looked for an attractive salary and prospective career development
  • 55% wanted to improve logical and computer backgrounds.

Also, more than half of respondents said their primary motivation for learning a new technology is simply because they enjoy it.

So if their three preferences in choosing a job – a work environment that provides them opportunities to learn and grow with their team, with a fair pay so that they can stay motivated to work their best – align with what you’re looking for in your future teammates, Vietnam tech talent market is what you shouldn’t miss.

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“They don’t have experience in this country.”

Vietnam stands in fifth place in global outsourcing services. Particularly for Singapore companies, in order to maintain the growth, numerous of the best-funded tech startups such as Lazada, Sea group, Zalora, etc. have already recruited software engineers in Vietnam as their permanent employees.

Where do these top 10 best-funded startups in Singapore hire software engineers?
Top best-funded Singapore tech startups have hired software engineers in Vietnam to expand their talent team

Having colleagues from other cultures and countries, for example, remote software engineers in Vietnam, can help a team to break old thinking patterns and gain fresh perspectives.

Want us to build you a remote tech team in Vietnam that will help your business grow? Let’s get in touch!

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