Explore Vietnam’s PHP and Laravel Developer Market: Best Places to Hire PHP Developers

Hire PHP Developers

PHP and Laravel – the perfect duo

Hiring PHP developers is increasingly popular due to the language’s versatility and widespread use in the tech industry. PHP remains a foundational tool for creating web applications, featuring extensive libraries that enhance development efficiency, security, and scalability. Notably, PHP continues to be a prevalent choice, with over 76.8% of websites using it in 2023, and its Version 7 powers 47.9% of global websites. This enduring popularity makes it a strategic decision to hire PHP developers for robust web solutions.

Laravel, a star among all PHP frameworks, takes the spotlight with its Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. What sets Laravel apart is its elegant and expressive syntax, making web development faster and more enjoyable by simplifying complex PHP coding challenges. After all, it is considered as the PHP framework for “Web Artisans”. 

Github stars rating for PHP Framework

A 2020 survey by JetBrains highlights Laravel’s dominance, with 50% of PHP developers using it regularly, compared to 25% for the next popular choice, Symfony. Google Trends data from 2018 to 2023 further supports Laravel’s lead in search queries. Its influence extends to global titans like Pfizer, the BBC, Disney, and The New York Times, who rely on Laravel to power their websites. As of now, 765,417 live websites are harnessing the capabilities of Laravel.

Hire Vietnam PHP Developers: A comprehensive introduction

Vietnamese developers are no exception to this prevailing trend; they have a fondness for PHP and Laravel. In 2021, PHP, along with Javascript and Java, stayed as the top 3 most popular technology stack, used by Vietnamese developers, with roughly 177,000 skilled developers indicating PHP as one of their primary programming languages. 

The love for PHP does not stop there. As of 2023, alongside NodeJS, Java, MySQL, PHP continues to hold its position as one of the most favoured technologies in the toolsets of developers in Vietnam. According to IT Viec’s report, 17.1% of full-stack developers mentioned their satisfaction with PHP, ranking closely behind C# and JavaScript.

Laravel framework also secures a spot in the top five list of the most widely used frameworks among back-end developers in Vietnam. And, although there have been shifts in the overall popularity of certain tech stacks in Vietnam and the region, the top five in-demand IT skills sought by companies have remained consistent with previous years: JavaScript, Java, PHP, C#/.Net, and Python, according to the Topdev 2023 Report. 

Laravel takes the lead among various PHP frameworks, as more than 75% of developers assert it as their preferred choice.

And what about the price tag?

According to ITViec 2023 Report and Glassdoor, core technology stacks such as Java, Python, .Net, C++, and PHP have consistently remained well-compensated over the years. Starting from $1,500, you can find a junior software developer in Vietnam who can communicate well in English. For roles that don’t require proficient  English speaking, you can save 20% more with non-English speaking hires in the country.

The cost to hire PHP developers in Vietnam remains more budget-friendly (ranging from US$842) compared to hiring in Singapore (ranging from US$3,480). For companies who are looking into hiring their software developers remotely – without breaking the bank – Vietnam still remains as a go-to destination. 

Hire PHP Developers in Vietnam

Hiring PHP and Laravel specialists from Vietnam presents an enticing opportunity, and the process can be seamlessly initiated by following a strategic plan. To begin with, the first step is to establish a connection with a local entity. Consider Inspius as your local partner on this journey!

As a local entity, Inspius provides insider access to Vietnam’s blossoming tech talent pool. Our on-the-ground expertise helps you gain first-hand understanding of the market, employment insights, and candidate availability. Another advantage of working with us – we relieve you of concerns related to legal matters and HR responsibilities. This encompasses tasks such as attendance monitoring, productivity checkups, and managing gifts and special offers on public holidays.

For those apprehensive about the quality of remote hires, we also got you covered! Our process includes a coding test, English evaluation, and a thorough technical interview, ensuring that only qualified individuals are presented to prospective employers. Inspius’ proprietary platform, #acked, streamlines the experience for both employers and candidates, facilitating an efficient and effective selection process. Additionally, Inspius offers a fee structure that allows you to focus on choosing the right candidate without being overly concerned about financial constraints

Get in touch with us – and don’t get left behind.

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