[Infographic] Hire Mobile App Developers in Vietnam: Top 4 New Insights You Need to Know 2024

Hire Mobile App Developers

Hire Mobile App Developers – Overview of the Vietnam IT market

Vietnam’s software development market has experienced significant growth recently, gaining recognition as a hub for strong tech talent in SEA. This has positioned Vietnam as an increasingly appealing destination for businesses looking for cost-effective software development outsourcing or hiring offshore software engineers. Here are some key insights and statistics about Vietnam IT market:

Impressive Growth
Vietnam’s IT sector has reached a new milestone with revenues hitting US$69 billion in 2023. This impressive figure underscores the country’s accelerating growth and its successful positioning as a key player in the Asian tech market. 

Outsourcing Destination
With competitive labor costs and a combination of technical expertise and robust IT infrastructure, Vietnam has become a preferred outsourcing destination for global businesses​​. According to TopDev, Vietnam ranked 2nd in Southeast Asia as a preferred software outsourcing destination, a testament to its growing reputation and capabilities in the tech sector.

Developer Demographics: A young and dynamic workforce
The majority of Vietnam’s developers are between the ages of 25-29, making up nearly 30% of the sector, with those 20-24 years old close behind. This youthful majority brings a dynamic and flexible energy that’s pushing Vietnam’s tech growth. The industry is also supported by a strong core of experienced developers, with 28% being middle level and another 25% in senior & leader roles, ready to guide the sector to new heights.

Furthermore, Vietnam holds the 10th position in the world for its quality developer workforce, trailing just behind technological powerhouses like the USA, UK, and France.

Hire Mobile App Developers in Vietnam: What makes Vietnam developers stand out from the crowd?

Vietnam’s mobile developers are making a splash in the global tech scene. They stand out for their sharp skills, quick learning and a strong grasp of the latest tech to deliver top-notch mobile applications. Let’s dive into what makes Vietnam mobile developers shine in the fast-paced world of mobile development:

Educational Excellence

Supported by government efforts in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education at all levels of education, Vietnam’s IT education scene is brimming with possibilities and assistance, setting the stage for a future where Vietnamese tech experts are recognized for their creativity and skill. 

Vietnam has become a fertile ground for cultivating tech talent, with an impressive number of students, between 50,000 to 57,000, pursuing degrees in computer science and IT each year. This underscores the growing interest and need for technology expertise in the workforce in Vietnam.

A notable 85% of these new professionals have at least a bachelor’s degree in IT fields, showing that the workforce is not just large, but well-educated. This level of education is crucial as it lays a foundation for advanced skills and specialized knowledge in the tech industry.

Regarding mobile developers, most of them, about 71.7%, have a bachelor’s degree. Others have gone further to get master’s degrees, and Ph.Ds, with a small portion exploring alternative educational routes like bootcamps and online courses, making for a diverse group of experts.

On the global stage, data from the Global Skills Index 2020 Report by Coursera (a world-wide online learning platform) rated Vietnamese technology skills 2nd in Asia Pacific and 22nd globally. These impressive rankings showcase their commitment to learning and the high-quality skills they’re gaining through online education platforms.

Advanced Coding Skills

According to data from the Vietnam Tech Talent Report, the most popular languages among mobile developers include Java, which a significant 49.30% utilize, followed by Swift at 19.70%, reflecting a strong focus on both Android and iOS platforms. Flutter & React Native are also gaining traction, pointing to a growing interest in cross-platform development. Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) and code editors like Visual Studio Code and Android Studio are also widely adopted. 

On the global stage, Vietnam developers have achieved many international recognition such as ranking 10th globally in the Best Developers Survey and 2nd in the Best Freelancers Survey, demonstrating their competitive edge.

HackerRank places Vietnam at 23rd worldwide in developer skills, indicating a robust capability to tackle complex coding challenges. This overall skill set makes Vietnamese mobile developers a valuable asset for tech projects requiring cutting-edge expertise and innovation.

Proficiency in English

Vietnam’s English proficiency is moderate overall, emphasizing practical use over grammar depth. According to the EF English Proficiency Index 2023 (EPI), Vietnam secured the 7th spot in Asia and ranked 58th worldwide. While English proficiency may not be highly technical, this level of competence, coupled with the nation’s adaptability to various business cultures, enables effective communication and collaboration with international clients and partners.

Vietnamese developers show a wide range of English proficiency, with the two largest groups at advanced (37%) and intermediate (27%) levels. These two groups together form a significant majority, reflecting a substantial capacity within the Vietnamese developer community to engage with the global tech market and can communicate effectively in professional contexts. A smaller proportion have full proficiency (9%), or elementary skills (23%), and a minimal segment (4%) lacks English abilities. 

To give you a clearer picture of the English proficiency among Vietnamese mobile developers, here’s a short English interview with one of Inspius’s candidate who exemplifies the Upper-Intermediate level of English skill: 


Hire Mobile App Developers

The salary landscape for hiring mobile developers in Vietnam highlights cost-effective options for hiring. Junior candidates can expect to earn between $1,000 and $1,800 monthly, while seniors see $1,800 to $3,700, and tech lead $2,800 to $5000. For roles that don’t require English proficiency and instead utilize chat-based communication, you could potentially save 20% on your budget.

The salary distribution offers a competitive edge for companies hiring in Vietnam due to relatively lower talent costs compared to many countries (US, Singapore,..). The salary may be affected by regions within Vietnam and differences in work arrangements, as well as the impact of English proficiency. For businesses looking to expand globally or build remote teams, Vietnam’s tech talent pool is definitely a financially viable and attractive market.

Hire Mobile App Developers in Vietnam: should or should not?

The above sounds tricky, and yes, they are. Yet you don’t need to be an expert in both Vietnamese recruitment and employment law to get the right talent. 

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