[Infographics] Vietnam software engineers: Quantity, coding skills & English level

Vietnam software engineers

Are you:

  • A business leader who is struggling to hire the right software engineers locally?
  • Planning/continuing on scaling your development team with remote tech talent?

If you’re in the first case, you may want to learn more about how these giant startups address the same difficulty as yours to onboard great members for their software engineering teams before continuing with today’s piece.

In case your answer is the second one, congrats! You’re in the right place. We have gathered stats and information that’ll give you a definite answer: Is hiring Vietnam software engineers a good choice for your company?

Now, let’s read on!

Vietnam software engineers: Candidate volume

Vietnam software engineers - Candidate volume
Vietnam software engineers – Candidate volume

Educational background

Vietnam software engineers - Educational Background
Software engineers in Vietnam: Educational background

How about their coding skills?

Vietnam software engineers - Coding skills
The technical expertise of Vietnam software engineers

English proficiency

Vietnam software engineers - English skills
Vietnam software engineers: English skills

Hire Vietnam software engineers: should or should not?

What to look out for when hiring Vietnam software engineers?
What to look out for when hiring Vietnam software engineers?

The above sounds tricky, and yes, they are. Yet you don’t need to be an expert in both Vietnamese recruitment and employment law to get the right candidates there.

Looking for an experienced partner to get things done for you, from searching, and assessing candidates to providing legal entity and HR management in Vietnam? Get in touch with our technical recruiters in Singapore today!


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