Seeking Cost-Effective Remote Golang Developers? Discover Which Country Excels in Asia

Golang Developers

Golang Development Overview

Golang, also known simply as Go – one of the top programming languages that developers hold dear. Go was created in 2007 by a team of Google engineers and has become a statically typed, easy-to-use programming language that allows developers to spot mistakes in early development stages, makes it easier to deploy the apps and speeds up the process of getting software to users. 

Companies and individual developers alike are turning to Golang for its robust performance and ease of use. According to Stackshare, over 2843 companies globally have reportedly used Go in their tech stacks, showcasing its extensive use across various industry sectors. 

How many Golang developers around the world?

As of 2022, estimates suggest that there are between 1.6 to 2.5 million Golang developers globally. This range highlights the growing popularity of Golang and its adoption across various sectors of the tech industry. This figure represents approximately 10% of the global development talent pool, underscoring the significant footprint Golang has made in the software development landscape.

In terms of geographical distribution, Asia stands out as the region with the highest number of Golang developers. In 2021, it was reported that 570,000 professionals in Asia claimed Go as their primary programming language. This statistic not only reflects the vast potential of the Asian tech market but also the global reach of Golang. 

Asia – a global hotspot for Golang developers

Asia has become a key player in software development globally, thanks to its vast and vibrant community of skilled developers. The continent’s leading role in technology, along with quick tech progress and a focus on education and training, provides an ideal environment for Golang to flourish.

Some top places in Asia to find offshore Golang developers should be mentioned are China, The Philippines, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. 

These countries stand out not only for their impressive tech talent pools, cultivated from STEM education through to professional practice, but also for their cost-effectiveness, making them preferred choices for businesses seeking offshore Golang expertise.

While Asia stands as a premier destination for Golang development, owing to its vast pool of talented developers, the region presents varied levels of English proficiency across different countries. This linguistic aspect is crucial for global companies considering offshore Golang development, as effective communication is key to the success of international projects. 

Let’s delve into the English proficiency rankings of the popular Asian countries for Golang development:

  • The Philippines (Rank #20)

The Philippines, holding the 20th position globally for English proficiency, emerges as an ideal location for companies seeking offshore developers. The general population’s strong English skills facilitate clear communication, streamlining business interactions and collaborations with international firms. This linguistic advantage ensures efficient and effective operations for those looking to partner with Filipino talent.

  • Vietnam (Rank #58) & India (Rank #60)

Vietnam’s and India’s English proficiency is moderate overall but in practice has little technical focus on the language. According to the EF English Proficiency Index 2023 (EPI), Vietnam secured the 7th spot in Asia and ranked 58th worldwide, and India stood at 9th spot in Asia and 60th globally. While English proficiency may not be highly technical, this level of competence, coupled with the nation’s adaptability to various business cultures, enables effective communication and collaboration with international clients and partners.

  • Indonesia (Rank #79) & China (Rank #82)

Landing at 79th and 82th in the world, Indonesia’s and China’s English proficiency levels are considered low. In both countries, despite their large populations, only a relatively small segment is proficient in English. This presents a significant challenge for companies that rely on English for primary communication. Such a language gap can impact multiple facets of software development, including comprehending technical specifications and collaborating with international teams.

Salary guide for hiring remote software developers in Asia

When considering hiring remote Golang developers from Asia, understanding the salary landscape is crucial for budgeting and decision-making. The region presents a wide range of average salaries, influenced by factors such as local economic conditions, the demand for technology professionals, and the level of expertise and experience of the developers. 

Below is a comparative overview of the average Golang developer rates in popular offshore software development countries in Asia: China, The Philippines, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. 

  • China

On average, software developers in China earn around $4000 per month. Junior developers earn around $2900 per month, middle developers— $4000; and senior developers—$5100. 

Source: SalaryExpert

  • The Philippines

The median income for software developers in the Philippines is around $1500/month. Junior developers earn around $1000 per month, middle developers— $1500; and senior developers—$2000 per month.

Source: SalaryExpert

  • India

In India, junior developers make $600-$1200/month, senior level earn around $1200-$2500+ per month, and technical lead —$1500-$3500+/month.

Source: Geeksforgeeks

  • Indonesia

On average, software developers in India earn an average of $2600 per month. Junior developers earn around $1800 per month, middle developers— $2600; and senior developers—$3300.

Source: SalaryExpert

  • Vietnam

According to Glassdoor, the estimated total pay for a software developer in Vietnam is $1721 per month (including base pay and additional pay). The average salary for junior-middle developers is $1000-$1800 per month, senior developers —$1800-$3700 per month, and tech lead—$2800-$5000/month. 

These salaries are specifically for professionals who are proficient in English. For candidates who are not fluent in English, the rates are usually 20% lower. 

Source: Glassdoor, Inspius

Vietnam – one of the most cost-effective offshore development countries: What makes it stand out?


Vietnam has emerged as a premier destination for offshore development, distinguished by its cost-effectiveness and a robust pool of skilled IT professionals. Compared to tech-hub countries like Singapore and the US, the cost of hiring Golang developers in Vietnam is significantly lower, making it an attractive option for companies looking to optimize their development budgets without sacrificing quality.

Source: Inspius, Talentport, Builtin

In the United States and Singapore, the high cost of living and competitive tech markets drive up the salaries of IT professionals. Hiring a software developer in these countries can be prohibitively expensive for startups and established companies alike. In contrast, Vietnam’s economic structure and growing tech ecosystem offer a more cost-effective solution. 

The average salary for a software developer in Vietnam is a fraction of what it would be in the US or Singapore, allowing businesses to allocate resources more efficiently and invest in additional project development or expansion.

Proficient workforce in technology

Vietnam has become a fertile ground for cultivating tech talent. In 2024, the number of software engineers in Vietnam is around 530,000, with universities and private institutions producing about 57,000 IT professionals annually.

On the global stage, Vietnam developers have achieved many international recognition such as ranking 10th globally in producing the most engineers and 2nd in the Best Freelancers Survey, demonstrating their competitive edge.

HackerRank places Vietnam at 23rd worldwide in developer skills, indicating a robust capability to tackle complex coding challenges. This overall skill set makes Vietnamese software developers a valuable asset for tech projects requiring cutting-edge expertise and innovation.

Save 30-50% for each hire with remote Golang developers in Vietnam

Hiring a Golang developer in the US with around 2 years of experience costs approximately US$7400/month. While starting from US$1000, you’ll get a skilled remote Golang developer in Vietnam who:

  • Has at least 2+ years of working experience
  • Matches your requirements in both Technical skills and English
  • Will be working remotely as your full-time employee and under our management from Vietnam

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