3 facts about blockchain developers in Vietnam you may not know

3 facts about blockchain developers in vietnam

Blockchain plays a vital role in Singapore’s economy: 490+ fintech firms and 630 global crypto companies, including giants such as Binance, Litecoin, and NEO. If you’re looking to hire skilled blockchain developers, here are 3 facts about blockchain developers in Vietnam that may come in handy as your reference when considering Vietnam tech talent market.

Vietnam has more skilled blockchain developers than you may realize

Java, Python, C#, C++ are the most popular programming languages among software engineers in Vietnam. Those are also well known as key programming languages for blockchain development.

With approximately 400.000 IT professionals in the market, Vietnam is a promising country when it comes to hiring software engineers whose area of expertise is blockchain.

Practical experience gained from the emerging blockchain industry in Vietnam

Statistics compiled by cryptocurrency data provider Chainalysis ranked Vietnam 13th in Bitcoin investment gains at $351 million in 2020. What’s more, according to the 2021 Statista’s report, Vietnam had the second-highest rate in terms of cryptocurrency use among 74 surveyed economies.

Hanoi’s upcoming blockchain-based smart city in Vietnam: The smart city project was launched in 2017 by the government with the aim to leverage digital technologies including blockchain development.

Vietnam, with the booming popularity of cryptocurrency and vibrant startup ecosystem, renders it to be an ideal environment for the country’s blockchain developers to practice and gain relevant working experience.

Cryptocurrency: Where new bitcoin users are around the world
Vietnam is the only country above 0.4 in the Chainalysis 2021 Global Crypto Adoption Index

Save 30% for each hire with remote blockchain developers in Vietnam

Hire a blockchain developer in Singapore with less than 2 years of experience costs approximately 4,330 SGD/month (salaryexplorer.com, October 2021). While starting from 3,000SGD, you’ll get a skilled remote blockchain developer in Vietnam who:

  • Has at least 2+ years of working experience
  • Matches your requirements in both Technical skills and English
  • Will be working remotely as your full-time employee and under our management from Vietnam

Keen to see how it works? Book a meeting with our technical recruiter in Singapore now!

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