Top Vietnam’s Universities in Computer Science and IT-related majors 2024: Centers of Excellence for Future Software Engineering Leaders

Top Vietnam's Universities in Computer Science and IT-related majors 2023

Vietnam’s Ascent in Technology Education

Vietnam has become a fertile ground for cultivating tech talent, with IT and computer science universities gaining recognition as centers of excellence. In 2023, the number of software engineers in Vietnam is around 530,000. The Vietnam Tech Talents Report by Topdev, which draws on data from the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) annual report, reveals a consistent annual enrollment of approximately 50,000 to 57,000 students in computer science and IT-related majors. 

Supported by government efforts in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education at all levels of education, Vietnam’s IT education scene is brimming with possibilities and assistance, setting the stage for a future where Vietnamese tech experts are recognized for their creativity and skill.

So which institutions in Vietnam tend to supply the most outstanding software engineers? Below is the list of best universities in Vietnam ranked based on our research:

Top 10 Vietnam’s Universities in Computer Science and IT-related majors 2024

In Vietnam, after finishing high school, students must pass a national university entrance exam to determine which universities they will enroll in. For those interested in information technology, Mathematics is compulsory. They must also choose two other subjects, for example Physics, Chemistry or English. The maximum total score is 30 for the 3 subjects. To determine the top 10 IT universities in Vietnam, we use the median national university entrance exam scores of IT-related majors required for admission in 2023, starting with the highest:

In 2023, the IT sector in Vietnam saw a huge surge in popularity, leading to a lot of applicants and tough competition. As a result, the entrance scores for IT majors soared, becoming some of the highest in the country. Below is a list of the minimum admission scores for the most demanding majors in the top 10 IT universities:

Notably, the Hanoi University of Science and Technology required a minimum score of 29.42 points for the Computer Science major. This means students needed to achieve an average of more than 9.8/10 points in each subject for admission. Other institutions have also achieved remarkably high entrance scores, with the lowest recorded being 8.2/10 points for each subject at Hanoi University.

Hanoi University of Science and Technology

Hanoi University of Science and Technology’s stats

Founded in 1956, Hanoi University of Science and Technology is known as the “MIT of Vietnam” and for its selectivity and successful alumni. The university’s 2021 annual report highlighted that 75.4% of its faculty hold PhDs, the highest percentage in the country. Additionally, 23% of the lecturers have reached the esteemed ranks of Professor or Associate Professor.

Thanks to the seasoned teachers, the educational outcomes for students at Hanoi University of Science and Technology have been on the rise. 79% of the university’s students in 2023 secured jobs before even receiving their diplomas, showcasing the practical readiness and skill level of graduates from this university.

Students and alumni of Hanoi University of Science and Technology have gradually made significant contributions and left their mark on positive innovations in the international IT sector. A prime example is Nguyen Ha Dong – the father of “Flappy Bird”. 

Nguyen Ha Dong – the father of “Flappy Bird”

Most of us are likely familiar with the smartphone game Flappy Bird. In 2013, this game was launched and quickly became a global phenomenon. After 1 year, Flappy Bird was among the top 10 most searched terms on Google. It was unexpected for many that Flappy Bird was crafted by a Vietnamese programmer, Nguyen Ha Dong. Dong is an alumnus of the Hanoi University of Science and Technology, where he studied Information Systems.

Currently, he continues to develop games with DOTGEARS, the company he founded, specializing in mobile games. Over the past nearly 10 years, Vietnam has seen many individuals bring fame to the nation across various fields. However, Nguyen Ha Dong remains a distinguished figure in the realm of mobile gaming applications, achieving a level of success that few have matched.

VNU University of Engineering and Technology

VNU University of Engineering and Technology’s stats

Despite being established only in 2004, the VNU University of Engineering and Technology quickly became one of Vietnam’s leading universities in technology and engineering education and research, steadily advancing towards international standards.

The university collaborates with numerous prestigious universities and research institutes worldwide, enhancing its training programs and developing a high-quality faculty. Notable collaborations include the BUIL-IT project with Arizona State University in the USA; the VNU-UTS Joint Research & Training Center with the University of Technology Sydney in Australia, offering full scholarships for research students to achieve international qualifications; an IT training program tailored for the Japanese market; and a partnership with the Viettel Research Institute on the Aerospace Engineering Bachelor’s program, among others.

Moreover, cooperation with leading enterprises such as Samsung, Viettel, FPT, Toshiba, and VNPT also raised the standard for the university’s labs.

VNU University of Engineering and Technology is also a place that nurtures numerous talents. Notably, Loi Luu – an alumni of the VNU University of Engineering and Technology has created a miracle in raising capital for the Kyber Network.

Loi Luu – co-founder of Kyber Network

Kyber Network is an on-chain liquidity protocol that aggregates liquidity from all available sources and brings them to one network. Liquidity is a crucial aspect for the success of DeFi applications, especially decentralized exchanges, and this is exactly the problem that Kyber Network aims to solve. It officially launched in September 2017 and raised more than 200,000 Ethereum (equivalent to 60 million USD) in a token offering (crypto-asset). Kyber Network ranked 10th among startups in the world raising the most capital in cryptocurrency at that time.

Loi Luu also gained widespread recognition when being selected in the list of Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia and became a prominent figure in the global blockchain community.

VNU-HCM University of Information Technology

VNU-HCM University of Information Technology’s stats

Since its inception in 2006, the University of Information Technology has swiftly established itself with state-of-the-art facilities that stay ahead of contemporary trends, and a curriculum that blends teaching with research.

In addition, the University of Information Technology maintains partnerships with top corporations like IBM, Microsoft, and SunJava, placing a strong emphasis on English language instruction with international standards. Graduates with international certifications, which facilitates their job applications to global corporations and companies abroad.

Students of this university have also actively participated in numerous technology competitions and conferences like Hack A Day 2023, AI Challenge 2023, The International Scientific Conference on Knowledge and Systems Engineering (KSE),… and achieved significant success against a wide array of competitors from different countries. This underscores the high quality of education and the great potential of the students at this institution.

“Dionysus” Team – students of VNU-HCM University of Information Technology won first prize at “AI CHALLENGE 2023”

Ho Chi Minh City University of Science

Ho Chi Minh City University of Science’s stats

Ho Chi Minh University of Science, founded in 1942, is a prestigious institution under Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City. 

Within its Information Technology faculty and related departments, students are equipped with a solid foundation of knowledge and trained in analytical thinking, supported by a comprehensive and in-depth curriculum. Over more than 25 years, the faculty has established a strong presence and, with government support, has become one of the leading IT departments in Vietnam’s higher education system.

In a notable demonstration of their skills and competitive edge, a team of four students from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Sciences, surpassed thousands of international teams to secure the victory at the IEEEXtreme Programming Competition 2022.

One of the outstanding alumni of this university that must be mentioned is Professor Phan Thanh Nam. In 2020, Professor Phan Thanh Nam was one of the 10 scientists honored with the prestigious European Mathematical Society (EMS) Prize, awarded every four years. This prize is considered one of the most esteemed recognitions in the mathematical community, second only to the Fields Medal by the International Mathematical Union. Professor Phan Thanh Nam is the first Vietnamese recipient of the EMS Prize.

Professor Phan Thanh Nam – the first Vietnamese recipient of the EMS Prize.

Professor Phan Thanh Nam has been invited to present twice at the International Congress on Mathematical Physics, the world’s largest forum in the field, held every three years by the International Association of Mathematical Physics. For a young mathematician like Prof. Nam, being invited to speak twice at this prestigious conference is a significant honor and a testament to his contributions being recognized and valued by the global community of mathematical physicists.

Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology

Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology’s stats

The Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology (PTIT) stands out for the extensive industry knowledge of its instructors, which includes nearly 800 staff, employees and lecturers. More than 70% of the professionals are actively involved in teaching, providing practical guidance for internships and conducting research. All lecturers hold at least a Master’s degree, having undergone professional training at both domestic and international universities. 

The institution also boasts numerous international affiliations and collaborations with esteemed universities such as Murdoch University (Singapore), La Trobe University (Australia), Seoul Cyber University (Korea).

PTIT students are actively involved in diverse international activities. During the finals of the Global Pitching & Startup Competition hosted within Chung-Ang University’s Metaverse in South Korea, two students from the institution excelled against many strong competitors and won the Gold Prize in the contest. Renowned for its robust reputation, the university produces graduates highly sought after in the job market, providing them with abundant career opportunities upon graduation. 

Da Nang University of Science and Technology

Da Nang University of Science and Technology’s stats

With a strong emphasis on practical training and industry-relevant curriculum, Da Nang University of Science and Technology’s core values and mission aims to “provide high-quality human resources, capable of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship in the fields of engineering – technology; promoting research and technology transfer for sustainable socio-economic development regionwide, national and worldwide”.

Students are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the challenges of the fast-evolving tech sector. In 2023, a total of 2,476 students graduated, achieving an impressive 97% employment rate within the first 12 months post-graduation. Also during this year, the Da Nang University of Science and Technology conferred degrees to nearly 3,000 new doctors, masters, architects, engineers, and bachelor’s degree holders, who subsequently entered the domestic and international job markets.

Synopsys, a prominent technology corporation based in the United States, has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Vietnamese authorities to actively contribute to the advancement of the semiconductor industry. A significant portion of the core team at Synopsys, particularly at their Da Nang office, are alumnus of Da Nang University of Science and Technology in electronic-telecommunication and information technology. One exemplary individual is Nguyen Bao Anh, a former student from the class of 2002-2007, who now serves as a Team Leader 

Synopsys Corporation signed an MOU with the Department of Information Technology and Communications in Vietnam to develop the semiconductor chip industry

The noteworthy achievements of Team Leader Nguyen Bao Anh and his colleagues shine through in their ability to design and master cutting-edge technology, particularly making a global impact in the field of 3nm Multidie chip technology.

Academy of Cryptography Techniques

Academy of Cryptography Techniques’s stats

The Vietnam Academy of Cryptography Techniques (KMA) is a public university under the Government Cipher Committee of the Ministry of Defence, established on February 17, 1995. It provides undergraduate, postgraduate education, and scientific research in cryptography for Vietnam’s Cipher sector. The academy is also one of the eight key institutions selected by the Vietnamese government for training personnel in information security.

In the Hack A Day 2023 competition organized by PwC, Vietnam excellently gained 7 positions in the top 10 out of a total of 61 competing teams throughout the Asia-Pacific region. 

Students from the Academy of Cryptography Techniques won the championship in the Hack A Day 2023 competition

Achieving the highest score of the competition with the earliest completion time, the “KMA.lastdance” team from the Academy of Cryptography Techniques won the championship in Hanoi.

Students of the Academy of Cryptography Techniques also won the First Prize in the ASEAN 2023 Student Competition for Information Security. The competition drew nearly 1,000 participants in 233 teams, representing 63 universities and colleges in Vietnam and 9 ASEAN member countries. This highlights that students of the Academy of Cryptography Techniques are not only talented but also demonstrate a dynamic and proactive approach when participating in endeavors that extend their influence on a broader scale, especially in international areas.

Hanoi University

Hanoi University’s stats

At Hanoi University, students are equipped with solid knowledge and proficient skills that align closely with the demands of the labor market through curricula designed to international standards and high compatibility with advanced programs worldwide.

The Faculty of Information Technology has signed many research cooperation and training agreements with universities and research institutes in various countries such as the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) – UK, the University of Victoria – Australia, University of Catania & University of Camerino – Italy, to promote the English Information Technology program. The goal is to provide students with a solid foundation in technology and enterprise information systems, coupled with strong English communication and presentation skills.

The faculty comprises Associate Professors, PhDs, and Masters with extensive experience in teaching and significant scientific research achievements, trained in advanced countries or teaching at high-quality universities. The faculty of Information Technology comprises 28 lecturers with over 90% hold master’s and doctoral degrees obtained from prestigious international universities. Furthermore, the institution consistently hosts visiting professors from numerous universities and research institutes worldwide, fostering exchanges, collaborative research efforts, and direct engagement in teaching for students.

University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City

University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City’s stats

Established in 1976, the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) has become a fully autonomous institution since 2014. It comprises three member colleges: College of Business (COB), College of Economics, Law and Government (CELG), and College of Technology and Design (CTD).

As one of Vietnam’s 19 key national universities, UEH is renowned for its high-impact research culture and extensive academic collaborations with nearly 100 universities worldwide, further enhancing its global reach and impact. 

In particular, the IT majors at UEH are strategically structured with a focus on real-world application and practical experience. The curriculum emphasizes a balanced blend of foundational scientific knowledge (30%) and industry-specific knowledge, practical skills, and in-depth application in specialized fields (70%). This approach ensures that students not only acquire a strong theoretical foundation but also gain hands-on expertise that aligns with the demands of the industry.

International University – VNU-HCM

International University – VNU-HCM’s stats

International University is one of seven member universities of Ho Chi Minh City National University, established in December 2003. This is the first multidisciplinary public university in Vietnam to teach completely in English. In 2019, International University was the 3rd institution in Vietnam and the 7th in Southeast Asia to meet AUN accreditation standards at the teaching facility level.

The IT sectors at the International University equips students with a strong foundational knowledge base and a practical environment featuring the latest technology. Graduates will possess professional skills in the field of information technology, proficiency in English for the international environment, as well as group work, research, and effective presentation skills.

The IT affiliate programs at this university are designed to align with the curricula of top universities worldwide, such as Rutgers University (USA), University of Nottingham (UK), University of New South Wales (Australia), and most recently, the partnership with Deakin University (Australia). Courses are taught by both Vietnamese and international professors, all with high-level expertise, utilizing English-language textbooks from reputable publishers that are widely used in top universities.

Other Prominent Information Technology Universities in Vietnam

In addition to the universities mentioned above, there are other universities in Vietnam known for their excellent IT programs. These institutions have different criteria for admissions compared to the standards we have discussed. However, they are also among the well-regarded universities for their quality education:

FPT University

FPT University’s stats

Established as part of the FPT Corporation, Vietnam’s largest information technology service company, FPT University is a dynamic private university that focuses on delivering a practice-oriented education. The university has an innovative curriculum that is frequently updated to keep pace with global IT trends and collaborates with industry leaders to provide internships and hands-on projects for its students.

FPT University adopts an admission method that does not rely on the national university entrance exam scores. Instead, students are enrolled based on the following criteria: 

At FPT University, the IT field is the most reputable and long-standing program. The curriculum is designed based on program recommendations from the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), top U.S. universities, and software experts from IT organizations and companies such as the Vietnam Software Association (VINASA), FPT, the training programs of EC-Council, and Jetking Hardware & Networking Academy (India); as well as global Art Training schools and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

FPT University has played a pivotal role in shaping numerous talents, with a notable example being Nguyen Thanh Trung. He is the co-founder and CEO of Sky Mavis, the company behind the wildly successful blockchain game Axie Infinity, which took the world by storm in 2021. Trung is an alumnus of FPT University where he majored in software engineering.

Axie Infinity’s triumph has spurred a trend in blockchain game development both in Vietnam and worldwide. In 2021, Sky Mavis executed two rounds of capital raising. In May 2021, Mark Cuban and a consortium of international investors injected $7.5 million into Sky Mavis. Subsequently, in October 2021, the company secured a series B funding of $152 million, marking one of the largest fundraising deals for startups in Vietnam in the past year.

Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT)

Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT)’s stats

As one of the key universities of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT) – a member of Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, consistently ranks among the top engineering institutions. HCMUT is the first and the only university in Vietnam to achieve Accreditation from HCERES (The High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education, Europe) & AUN-QA (ASEAN) at the same time. 

HCMUT’s admission criteria for 2023 involve a comprehensive evaluation, considering multiple factors: results of the competency assessment exam of Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City (75%), national university entrance exam scores (20%), highschool GPA (5%) and other personal achievements including academic awards, accomplishments in social activities, and literary achievements. 

In recent years, 100% of engineers graduating from the Computer Science major at HCMUT either secure employment or pursue further studies within one year after graduation. Moreover, the salaries of newly graduated engineers in this field rank among the highest within the engineering industry group.

Beyond its age and reputation, the university is also a breeding ground for national talent. Le Hung Anh (Mr. Jimmy Lee), founder and chairman of BIN Corporation Group, is an alumni of Faculty of Information Technology, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. 

BIN Corporation Group of Le Hung Anh develops a technology-applied enterprise service ecosystem. Business fields range from information technology services, e-commerce, management consulting, financial consulting, and travel services to real estate. After more than 12 years of operation, the company has expanded its international operations with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Lithuania, Canada, the United States and has more than 1 million individual customers and 30,000 corporate customers globally. 

Ton Duc Thang University

Ton Duc Thang University’s stats

Ton Duc Thang University has established itself as a prestigious academic institution dedicated to cultivating the next generation of information technology professionals. The Faculty of Information Technology boasts numerous training cooperation programs with industry giants like IBM, LogiGear, and FSOFT, providing students with ample opportunities for practical experience. 

In 2023, Ton Duc Thang University enrolls students in 4 methods:

Method 1: High School GPA (Results for 05 semesters, Admission is based on a 40-point scale)

Method 2: National university entrance exam (Total score of subjects according to admission combination (40-point scale, some subjects are multiplied by a coefficient of 2)

Method 3: Direct admission, includes 4 groups: 

  • Direct admission and scholarships for candidates with letters of recommendation from principals of high schools that have signed a cooperation agreement with the university.
  • Candidates with IELTS 5.0 certificate are considered for admission to university programs in English, IELTS 5.5 are considered for admission to international affiliate programs.;
  • Candidates who graduated from high school abroad, candidates studying international programs at international schools in Vietnam, candidates with SAT, A-Level, IB, ACT certificates. 
  • Direct admission for students of Vietnam-Finland International School.

Method 4: Results of the competency assessment exam of Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City (minimum of 600/1200 points)

The university consistently hosts seminars, competitions, IT events such as the Wix Website Design Contest, the IT Student and Business Conference, and the Information Technology Talent Competition,… These initiatives are designed to provide students with opportunities to engage in various activities, refine their skills, acquire essential knowledge, ultimately preparing them for a seamless transition into the labor market.

The Future Is Here

Vietnam’s rise in the tech world is mirrored by the performance of its top IT universities. Their commitment to excellence and the measured impact they have on the industry at large place them among the most influential entities in the worldwide tech community. As we look to the future, these universities are set to continue their trajectory, nurturing the next generation of software engineers equipped to drive innovation and excel on the global stage.

Interested in building a tech team in Vietnam? Our assistance can connect you with top-notch software engineers proficient in various technologies to meet your specific requirements. Get in touch with us today!

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