[Video] Stats on Vietnam software engineers – Updated in 2021

Stats on software engineers in Vietnam - Inspius

This week’s article will keep you updated on the latest insights into Vietnam software engineers’ demographics & behaviors. But we bring something new for you this time – a 1-min video to recap everything. Also, some given analysis from the recruitment side may help you get more tech talent on board. So, stay tuned!

2021 stats on Vietnam software engineers – Inspius

Software engineers in Vietnam: Quantity

According to the 2019 report of the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training, there are 430,000 software engineers in the IT market. In addition, 55,000 is the number of annual IT graduates of the country.

The age range

A survey conducted by TopDev in 2021 gives information regarding the generations Vietnam software engineers belong to. Half of the software developers are 20 – 29 years old (54.76%), followed by software engineers aged 30-39.

Level & Skill

JavaScript, C#/.Net, Java, PHP, Python, and C++ are the most popular language among Vietnam software developers.

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Vietnam software engineers’ behaviors

Vietnam software developers genuinely love and appreciate what they do – 52.5% of respondents said their primary motivation for learning a new technology is simply because they enjoy it. 

When asked about what attracts them to consider a job offer, 57,9 % said “Technical challenges/ interesting problems to solve” followed by “Company’s technical stack” – 48.7% and “Promotion opportunities” – 36.9%.

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