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5 Steps to a Great Website

25 Jan 2018
I found that most people don’t really know how to properly plan their site. After all, your website is usually the first thing people look at. The right approach to planning a great website is to work backwards, by answering the following 5 questions: 1. How will you get people to your website? More specifically, what marketing techniques will you be using to attract your target audience? Is it search engine optimization? Pay-per-click advertising?

Content Development – Quality Content Is King!

25 Jan 2018
Content development refers to the creation of content for any medium. This involves the use of several different processes combined. This means gathering, researching, organizing, writing, and editing information to produce content for a specific set of purposes. The content created can be in print or electronic form. It can even come in audio form.

Why choose Professional Web Design Company over Freelancing?

25 Jan 2018
Web design is one of the few jobs that may not require any formal training and is open to even the most rank amateur. Unfortunately, sometimes this will spell disaster for the company that contracts with a freelancer as opposed to a professional web design team. Creating a web design takes far more than just a good touch with graphics

Woo your customers: Web Design Tips for E-Commerce Web Pages

25 Jan 2018
E-Commerce is online retail that encompasses a global market. In order for a business to succeed online, it must have several components that can incorporate business practices along with today’s digital technology. A web page is the new “salesman” in today’s world, where the page is expected to greet the customers, help them find what they need, charm them and then sell the product.

5 web design layout trends of 2015 so far

25 Jan 2018
Here are some of the biggest web design UI and layout trends this year. Gradually, over time, web designers, UI specialists and layout artists have experimented with designs, and each year new trends have emerged that take layouts to an entirely new level.

Responsive Web Design – It’s no longer a Good-to-Have, it’s a MUST-Have.

25 Jan 2018
We spend most of our time browsing through the internet and even shopping can now be done in just a few clicks in our mobile phones and tablets. Gone are the days when everything was so complicated for now, everything is at the palm of our hands. Recently, comScore reported that the number of internet users using desktops and mobiles have already reached their tipping point last 2014

Bounce Rate: Crucial Metric Demystified

25 Jan 2018
There can be no doubt: bounce rates are one of the most important metrics when it comes to website optimization. Reducing bounce rates is a MUST for every analyst and marketer. So you need to keep analyzing your bounce rate like crazy. Reducing #BounceRate is a MUST for every marketer and analyst Click To Tweet In this post I’ll help you fully understand how the bounce rate works in Google

Bphone Bkav | The first original smartphone in Viet Nam

25 Jan 2018
Bphone Bkav| The first original smartphone in Viet Nam May 26, 2015 by Dang Khanh Bphone Bkav is the first smartphone made in Viet Nam and designed by Bkav Corporation It has been a long day for the Vietnamese to use other phones coming from foreign nations like Apple, Samsung, HTC, etc.. But now, it is a big turning point for Viet Nam technology background

Measure Success with Google Analytics

25 Jan 2018
Yesterday we recorded an intro video on Google Analytics goals from Analytics Advocate +Louis Gray. This video teaches you how to measure your website traffic to understand your customers, improve your online business, and how you can set measurement goals that are right for your business and learn how to use data to make better business decisions.

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