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3 Mobile Commerce Trends that Singapore E-commerce Shop Owners Must Know

26 Jan 2018
In recent years, mobile commerce has grown by 53 percent annually compared to a meagre 10 percent of desktop E-commerce. By 2020 Business Insider reported that the market for mobile commerce is estimated to account for 45 percent of total E-commerce, an equivalent of $284 billion in sales in the U.S alone. Mobile share of E-commerce At the same time, mobile commerce app has gotten increasingly affordable

8 common mistakes developers make in Magento

26 Jan 2018
Design tips: Create a custom theme; don’t modify core Magento theme files instead. Understand the package/theme relationship and how to make that work for you. Sometimes, clever use of package/themes can allow for creative ways to handle subtle differences clients want among templates or pages. Don’t use the wrong starting theme (particularly in community).

IcyMobi – 2016 Best Selling Mobile App Template, codecanyon

26 Jan 2018
Thanks to all your support, our product, IcyMobi has made it to codecanyon’ best selling mobile app of this week. It really means a lot to us. Please continue to support us and build your Magento and WooCommerce Mobile App right now at

Inspius Store – Your All-in-one Solution to Website and Mobile Templates

26 Jan 2018
Inspius – A Quest towards Affordable Internet for Everyone At Inspius, we believe that everyone should be able to afford the Internet and the wonders that it brings, be it websites, mobile apps or anything else. Inspius Store is another step closer to this vision. At Inspius Store, we offer various templates that are meticulously crafted, comprehensively prepared and friendly structured.

e-Commerce – A Trillion Dollar Market and Growing

26 Jan 2018
Have you ever wondered how many online stores there are in the world, how big the eCommerce market is, whether it’s growing and if so, how fast? No one should start a new business (or run an existing one for that matter) without doing some basic market sizing. We’d like to share what we’ve learned in our journey to size the eCommerce market opportunity for LemonStand with you since,

10 Web design trends you can expect to see in 2016

26 Jan 2018
Source: by Amber Leigh Turner Design trends often span several years (even decades for some types of design), but Web design is a quickly moving and changing industry where trends come and go quite often. We’re still working with some of those trends now: responsive web design, flat design, performance and speed, and perfecting the user experience.

Template vs Design Package?

26 Jan 2018
Hi So a frequent question we are asked by our customers is that whether a Template or Design Package is the right fit for them. So here are the some of the considerations to evaluate before you decide. Courtesy to Jason Brewer for writing a very comprehensive article on this issue. We made several changes as we deem necessary. Other than budget, how do I know if a custom

Which programming language should you learn?

26 Jan 2018
Source Want to be the next Airbnb? Ruby may be the best bet. Maybe you want to catch the eye of those Alphabet investors? C++ may be the way to go By Kevin McSpadden 21 Jan, 2016 SHARE Twitter Facebook Google+ Linkedin If a Founder wants to start an e-commerce company to deliver wine in bulk, learning a little Italian or French will go a long way towards improving

The Last 15 Years of Technological Advancement

26 Jan 2018
Since Y2K the advancement of technology has been exponential. Thanks to better internet speeds and innovation competition our obsession with the next big thing has led the tech industry into one of the largest and fastest growing in America. But what started this tech race? We always seem to look at Youtube and Twitter as pioneers, but the fact is that Facebook came before – it was just a limited

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