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8 Jun 2024
From high-quality candidates to competitive costs, here's why Singapore & US companies should consider building a tech team in Vietnam. Build tech team in Vietnam: Skilled software engineering population Vietnam has emerged as a significant hub for tech talent development. As of 2024, the country boasts approximately, with around graduating annually from both universities and private institutions. On the global stage, Vietnam developers have achieved many , securing the 10th place worldwide in terms of engineering output and ranking 2nd in the Best Freelancers Survey, showcasing their competitive prowess. Data from , published by Coursera, an online learning platform used by global learners for higher education, also rated Vietnamese technology skills 2nd in Asia Pacific and 22nd globally.  Vietnam ranked #2 in the region and #22 globally in tech skills, Coursera Global Skills Index Report, 2020 All the above indicate a competitive engineering workforce that has been emerging constantly in Vietnam.  Build tech team in Vietnam: Competitive supply of software developers While hiring software engineers in Singapore and the US is getting costly, Vietnam has been recognized as a cost-attractive tech talent hub in Southeast Asia. According to , a career website, generally, hiring a software developer in the US with around 2 years of experience costs approximately US$7400/month. While starting from US$1000, you’ll get a skilled remote Golang developer in Vietnam who: Has at least 2+ years of working experience Matches your requirements in both Technical skills and English Will be working remotely as your full-time employee and under our management from Vietnam Even when your budget allows, you may not find the right talent in Singapore and the US. A report from jobs site Indeed showed software engineers faced the greatest among all roles in Singapore, which is in the next couple of years. Singapore will need 60,000 professionals over the next three years, yet there are less than 9,000 graduates in this same time frame coming out of university and higher education programmes. Read more: On the other hand, Vietnam has become a fertile ground for cultivating tech talent, with an impressive number of students pursuing degrees in computer science and IT each year. This huge number of young graduates, combined with improved internet connectivity, has led Vietnam to a thriving tech hub recently. Build tech team in Vietnam: Seamless communication with Singapore & US companies Many Singapore & US businesses are concerned about the language barrier when considering offshoring to Vietnam. Vietnamese software developers in general face greater challenges in speaking English compared to their counterparts in India and the Philippines. That said, it is still entirely feasible to hire software developers in Vietnam who are competent in both coding and English as long as you have .  Vietnam’s English proficiency is moderate overall, emphasizing practical use over grammar depth. According to the , Vietnam secured the 7th spot in Asia and ranked 58th worldwide. While English proficiency may not be highly technical, this level of competence, coupled with the nation’s adaptability to various business cultures, enables effective communication and collaboration with international clients and partners. Build tech team in Vietnam: Bottom line Are you struggling to hire software engineers in Singapore & US? Consider giving Vietnam software developers a try. Having more than five years of experience helping Singapore & US companies hire and manage remote software engineers in Vietnam, is where you can rely on finding the right fits, from technical competencies to language proficiencies. to learn more about what we can help you with!