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7 points to look out for when hiring software engineers in Vietnam

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Why Choose Us

How We Can Help


Increase and decrease the number of software engineers in your team anytime to fit your plan and budget.

No More Hiring & Turnover Pain

We can provide you with the software engineers as soon as you sign a contract. If any hired engineer resigns, there will be a replacement immediately.

Local Support

Our Project Managers can go to your Singapore office anytime to facilitate easy communication and ensure project timeline and quality.

Quality Assurance

We strictly follow SCRUM to deliver on time. The engineers are supervised by our Technical Lead and quality-checked by our Quality Assurance to ensure code quality.
Our Stacks

Tech Stacks


NodeJS, ReactJS and
VueJS with MongoDB


Swift, Java and
React Native


.NET, PHP and
Laravel with SQL

Our Process

How We Work

Product Owner
Inspius Team
1. Project Manager
2. Technical Lead
3. Software Engineer 1
4. Software Engineer 2
5. Quality Assurance
1. Master Planning
2. Sprint Planning
3. Team Daily Standup
Project Manager
Technical Lead
Software Engineer 1
Software Engineer 2
Software Engineer 3
Quality Assurance
1. Master Planning
2. Sprint Planning
4. Team Daily Standup
2 Weeks

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Monthly Active Users
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Office: 10 Raeburn Park, #01-22, Singapore 088702
Tel: +65 8575 0171