Template Package

What is a templated package?

Inspius offers various packages which aims to fit in your specific business circumstances. Template Package encapsulates services that we provide in making a templated website (Website based on template). You are strongly recommended to approach us in clearing your expectation about the website. We will help you finding suitable template.
Additionally, you are required to provide all related materials to the customization of the website such as text and images. Inspius reserve no responsibility on the legal use of such materials.

Package Features

We highly recommended this package for SMEs in Singapore. The package is currently priced at $399 SGD. Please refer to the package details below.

We help you to customize up to 20 pages.

All the templates come with a bunch of available pages, you can choose several of them which will best express your business. You normally won't need up to 20 pages. so we make your imagination as the limit! You may want to refer to the frequent pages below:

  • Home Page (w/ Slider)
  • About Us
  • Contact Us (w/ Map & Form)
  • Our Services
  • Blog
  • Portfolio
  • Single Product
  • FAQs
  • Testimonials
  • Sitemap
  • Privacy Policy
  • 404 Error Page

Make it yours!

This is how we make your website unique while still basing on templates! The customization is performed on page basis i.e. with each and every of your chosen pages, we offer you variety of way for to make it only yours.
Logo, Background & Images :
Images is always the soul of website pages, we are able to customize for you to any kind of picture you prefer over the template defaults.
Text Contents
Contents is one of the most important fators that sell your business online, so we are happy to replace default text as well as figure out a way to make the layout suitable to your desired contents.
As you will notice that there are sections in every page you choose. That is how we, developers, made the web simple and clear! They could be in horizontal or vertical order, however, it doesn't matters. We could actually help you move it around, repositioning or remove any part that you don't want to create a unique look for your pages.

Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?

SEO have been more and more becoming a sensitive term recently. Every website want to or claim to have this feature in their website. So what it really is?
It actually is a collection of techniques that a website owner can make use of to boost their ranking in search engine result page (Google, Bing, Yahoo ...). Because of complex factors that a search engine used to rank internet websites, SEO become a huge and in-depth field that is not as easy as some website claim it to be. As such, it is classified into two main categories of on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO essentially means the set of techniques you can use on your website programing codes or contents that will improve website ranking. Similarly, off-page SEO is the other set of techniques that require external intervention such as how many traffic directed to your website daily, how many other websites refer to your website and their respective importance ...
Therefore, in order to do good in SEO for a website, it take bunch of effort and experiences. It sometimes cost us in term of thousand dollars for just a website! For this package, we are only committed analyze codes and contents to produce SEO-friendly website with good on-page SEO practices.

Going Live!

You don't need to be involved into any technical aspect. We got you fully covered. You can even ask us to help you register and domain and a hosting server. It will be costing you around 100SGD for the first year, depend on which hosting and server you want. Then we set everything up for you! What you need to do to help is just keep focused on you business and enjoy the website.

Additionally, for SEO and Statistic purpose, we will also help you setup a Google Analytics Account. It will provide you a lot of detailed information about the visitors to your websites.

How to get started with your webiste?

We love to create website, but we also love to show off with you what we have created and how easily you can use it! When the development of a website is done, we will guide you through the process of using and managing the website. Depend on template that you choose, some of the additional backend feature may be included. We will also get you familiar with these features.
We can meet you directly if you feel that would be better for your understanding. Otherwise, we can pass you guiding web pages and videos. Any question you may have will be addressed thoroughly!

Got Question or Need Help ?

Got Question or Need Help ?

Contact us for a FREE consultation! OUR HOTLINE: (65) 8575 0171