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Hosting & Maintenance Service

Our purpose, in putting a lot of effort in setting up this feature, is that we believe every of our customers need not be involved in the technical process of deployment & configuration the website. In essence, the feature will fully separate you from any hassle regarding the technical aspect of the website. No more keeping some accounts or keys that you don't even understand what they are for? Everything you should think about is your beloved business!

Our servers reside in Singapore to optimize the performance and speed of your website for local audiences. Our management system operates on Zpanel, which is a professional and extremely easy-to-use hosting panel. The panel will enable you to create up to 5 emails of your domain-based email ( e.g. while providing unlimited bandwidth for your website. If you still think that it's more complicated than you expect, it's definitely fine! Just let us know what you need and we will take care of the rest.

Our maintenance program will also come with the hosting package. Thanks to this service, you will no longer need a technician in your team to make sure the website is always live and running! Because we will make sure that it does; In any case of unexpected failure, we will be right with you to troubleshoot and restore the website to its normal operation while minimizing the possibility of information loss.

The service is currently promoted at special price of $118 Singapore Dollars for the first year. The pricing for subsequent years will be held at S$160 per year. In order to focus on providing quality services, the feature, however, is only available for customers who have previously used web-related services from Inspius.

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