Import content wordpress

Step 1 – Look for Import XML folder in unzipped package downloaded from Themeforest and use the XML within it.

Step 2 – Go to the WordPress Admin > Tools > Import and click WordPress as displayed in image below.

Step 3 – Firstly, you need to install WordPress Importer


Step 4 – Once finishing, you need to activate the plugin and run the importer. Press importer plugin


Step 5 – Select the XML files from Datas/samples folder in unzipped package that you  downloaded from Themeforest.

Step 6 – After importing XML file.

  1. Assign posts to an existing author.
  2. Mark the check box to download and import file attachments
  3. Click ‘Submit’ button


Note: Import process can take few minutes. So wait for it and try to keep your focus on current tab in your browser.