Template vs Design Package?

Hi So a frequent question we are asked by our customers is that whether a Template or Design Package is the right fit for them. So here are the some of the considerations to evaluate before you decide. Courtesy to Jason Brewer for writing a very comprehensive article on this issue. We made several changes as we deem necessary. Other than budget, how do I know if a custom [...]

Which programming language should you learn?

Source Want to be the next Airbnb? Ruby may be the best bet. Maybe you want to catch the eye of those Alphabet investors? C++ may be the way to go By Kevin McSpadden 21 Jan, 2016 SHARE Twitter Facebook Google+ Linkedin If a Founder wants to start an e-commerce company to deliver wine in bulk, learning a little Italian or French will go a long way towards improving [...]

The Last 15 Years of Technological Advancement

Since Y2K the advancement of technology has been exponential. Thanks to better internet speeds and innovation competition our obsession with the next big thing has led the tech industry into one of the largest and fastest growing in America. But what started this tech race? We always seem to look at Youtube and Twitter as pioneers, but the fact is that Facebook came before – it was just a limited [...]