3 Mobile Commerce Trends that Singapore E-commerce Shop Owners Must Know

  In recent years, mobile commerce has grown by 53 percent annually compared to a meagre 10 percent of desktop E-commerce. By 2020 Business Insider reported that the market for mobile commerce is estimated to account for 45 percent of total E-commerce, an equivalent of $284 billion in sales in the U.S alone.   Mobile share of E-commerce   At the same time, mobile commerce app has gotten increasingly affordable [...]

8 common mistakes developers make in Magento

Design tips: Create a custom theme; don’t modify core Magento theme files instead. Understand the package/theme relationship and how to make that work for you.  Sometimes, clever use of package/themes can allow for creative ways to handle subtle differences clients want among templates or pages. Don’t use the wrong starting theme (particularly in community).  When doing community projects, the blank theme saved a lot of time as it stripped out [...]