Apple iOS 7 review from CNET

The good: Apple iOS 7 gets a complete design overhaul and adds useful features like automatic updates to make everyday use easier. Long-overdue Control Center gives quick access to most-used features. AirDrop and iTunes Radio are excellent additions. The bad: Besides the massively overhauled design and Control Center, there are few ground-breaking new features. The flat design concept favors space over information so you’ll generally need to do more scrolling [...]

How to Install Themes in WordPress

In the default WordPress installation, there are a couple of themes you can choose from. You can find the themes in your WordPress administration area > Appearance > Themes. You can change the theme simply by clicking on the desired theme and then Activate <theme name>. How to install a WordPress Theme? If you would like to use a different WordPress theme for your blog web site, first of all [...]

What to expect from Apple at Tuesday’s special event

Apple CEO Tim Cook at WWDC in June. (Credit: James Martin/CNET) For Apple, Tuesday’s looking a bit like a time warp. Rewind back to October 2011, and the company invited media to its headquarters to introduce an enhanced version of the hit smartphone it launched the year before. The same is expected at Tuesday’s event, where all eyes are Apple to announce the iPhone 5S — a souped up version [...]