5 web design layout trends of 2015 so far

Here are some of the biggest web design UI and layout trends this year.  Gradually, over time, web designers, UI specialists and layout artists have experimented with designs, and each year new trends have emerged that take layouts to an entirely new level. As we look at 2015, a year that is already half over, we have seen some trends come to the forefront, creating dynamic and compelling experiences for [...]

Responsive Web Design – It’s no longer a Good-to-Have, it’s a MUST-Have.

We spend most of our time browsing through the internet and even shopping can now be done in just a few clicks in our mobile phones and tablets.  Gone are the days when everything was so complicated for now, everything is at the palm of our hands. Recently, comScore reported that the number of internet users using desktops and mobiles have already reached their tipping point last 2014, emphasizing on [...]